Cyber Security Plan

An October 2009 survey of 1,500 small business owners conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec found that “small business owners’ cyber security policies and actions are not adequate enough to ensure the safety of their employees, intellectual property, and customer data.”

The primary reason for creating a cyber security plan is to ensure that your business never becomes part of this statistic. A cyber security plan helps your business by proactively dealing with known threats and providing a layered security foundation to deal with new threats as they emerge. An effective Cyber Security plan is one that results in the implementation of an organization’s Cyber Security policy.

The cyber security planning process is accomplished by outlining your organization’s information protection requirements and strategy. Ultimately, your plan will also serves as a marketing tool – your customers and partners will value your commitment to ensuring the protection of their data.

• Build a cyber security plan to include disaster recovery
• The cyber security plan needs to be based on a Defense in Depth approach that includes:
o Defending your networks (wired and wireless)
o Securing your computers and other devices
o Protecting your data
o Planning and testing for disasters
o Training your employees
o Creating a culture of security in your workplace