Better Business Bureau - Data Security Made Simple

Over the past few years many high profile companies and government agencies have found themselves in the media spotlight because cyber criminals were able to gain unauthorized access to their databases and steal confidential customer information. For fortune 500 organizations, incidents like this can be severely damaging to the company’s reputation and bottom line. For small businesses, a data security breach could mean the end of business, as you know it.

Customers are the cornerstone of all businesses. When they hand over personal information to your company, they expect that you will take the precautions necessary to protect their information from cyber criminals and identity thieves. Protecting this information can seem like a daunting task at times; thankfully the Better Business Bureau is trying to make data security easier for small business owners by putting together a guide to aid small businesses in securing customer data. The guide is called Data Security Made Simpler and it aims to cut through the technical jargon and provide small businesses with actionable steps to help secure customer information.

This guide is a must read for small business owners and opens with a staggering static: “Visa estimates that 85% of data breaches occur at the small business level”. To ensure your business is not a part of that statistic, log onto their website, download a copy of the guide, and start your data security audit today.