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Creating a culture of Cyber Security is vital to the survival of your business

As security professionals, we are always trying to justify what we do. At the end of the day, the best we can offer is that nothing will go wrong.  No fires, site crashes, hard drive failures, internal and external hackers, viruses, malware, or spam outbreaks, etc.  However, every day we see the threats to organizations increasing from teenagers, to organized crime, as recently described in the annual threat assessment.

Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community

This year's annual threat assessment Director of National Intelligence (DNI) reported that the United States confronts a dangerous combination of known and unknown vulnerabilities, strong and rapidly expanding adversary capabilities, and a lack of comprehensive threat awareness. Malicious cyber activity is occurring on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication and is confronted by threats that are both more targeted and more serious.

Attention School Districts: You are Being Targeted by Cyber-Criminals

Local school districts across the United States have emerged as a prime target for cyber-criminals. In the fall of 2009, districts in Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania all reported thefts of tens of thousands of dollars each due to a cyber-crime wave. The threat continues: on January 5, 2010, the Duanesburg, New York Central School District disclosed an attempted theft of $3.8 million, about a quarter of the district's operating budget.

Hackers are defeating strong authentication

One-time passwords and phone-based user authentication aren't enough to stop cybercriminals from stealing your money out of your bank accounts.

A new report from Gartner warns that one-time passwords and phone-based user authentication are not enough to protect online banking transactions against fraud.  Increasingly, such measures are overwhelmed by online criminals looking to rob your bank account.  Gartner's warning comes amid a sharp uptick in fraud involving the exploitation of valid online banking credentials.

Proposed FY 2010 FISMA Performance Metrics

OMB has released a draft set of performance metrics for FISMA 2010 reporting. The metrics are focused on several key areas:

InfusionPoints is your Small to Medium Business trusted advisor

Small to mid-size businesses can't do it all themselves. With the ever changing technology skills required for their IT infrastructure, it's becoming increasingly difficult and impractical for businesses to manage and control the demands on their IT infrastructures. Many businesses with less than 150 employees do not have a dedicated IT department and rely on low-level system administrators to support their business needs, so they turn to external partners, VARs or service providers, to provide, manage, support and protect their IT infrastructure.

Top Cyber Secuirty Threats to Small to Medium Business in 2010

  • Rogue or Fake Security Software
  • ACH Tampering
  • Search Index Poisoning

Microsoft updates Forefront with access and Web security

Microsoft updates Forefront with access and Web security - Finding a Route to Recovery: Four Strategies - Small Business

DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail

DC businessman loses thousands after clicking on wrong e-mail - Pay-per-click revenue in the online advertising business may be diminishing for traditional media publishers, but thieves increasingly are earning five- to seven-digit returns when victims click on a booby-trapped link or attachment sent via e-mail.