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You realize that information security is not only important; it is a critical component of your business. But, where do you start? Regardless of how your core business may depend on the Internet, every business relies on the Internet every day for email, electronic banking and payroll, recruiting, and research. While there are many things you can do on your own to protect your computer systems, your data, and your intellectual capital, these steps are just the beginning…representing the most basic level of security. How do you know when and if you’ve done enough?

The partners for CyberSecurityForSmallBusiness.com offer a wide range of assistance, support and solutions. The below table summarizes just a few ways we can assist you in protecting your business so that you can focus on growing it:


• Architect a roadmap for protecting your computer systems, communications, and business processes, analyzing your specific requirements and tailoring enhancements to strengthen your business results.
• Develop and implement a system for managing your electronic identity, allowing you to verify that only trusted employees and partners connect to your business assets.
• Show you how to safely use the Internet to enhance your business.
• Define a method for protecting your business data from loss, theft, and misuse.

Blue Glacier Management Group

• Develop an overall cybersecurity program and the procedures and policies for safe implementation.
• Analyze security incidents, and then develop solutions to ensure those do not recur.
• Develop contingency plans for system attacks or outages.

Stratum Security

• Analyze your system for vulnerabilities and provide solutions for them; Stratum can test your system like a “friendly hacker” to see where unknown vulnerabilities might exist.
• Deploy a safe wireless network.
• If you company develops or uses home-grown software, we can help review the source code to ensure safe implementation and compliance with known security requirements.

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